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It was beautiful, the clarity was amazing even if I say so myself.

This week has been a strange week for sure, I’m not sure where the time goes, I seem to spend most of it trying to find a parking space at the hospital..

On Sunday it’s Mr 5 49th Birthday, that’s going to be exciting for him, lol..

I’ve had a word with the powers that be and it’s ok for me to take him out into the grounds and bring the dog up for 10 minutes, I think the dog is missing him, he seems to be moping about and ignoring me, like it’s my fault hubby isn’t there..

As he can’t eat anything and is only allowed clear fluids with his TPN; Cranberry juice, water, black coffee, clear soup and the occasional jelly, I thought I’d make him some birthday consomme.


Last time I made it was when I was about 17 and on a YTS at the Hampshire clinic and that was what? 24 years ago, so I looked it up and decide I’d make a chicken one to begin with, if it’s successful I’ll make an oxtail one and perhaps a vegetable one..

Chicken consomme:

I put a chicken carcass  in the oven with some carrots, onion, leeks,  a little black pepper and parsley , I didn’t add any salt as I wanted the flavour to be a pure as possible.


I roasted it.

roast chix

I deglazed the pan, put the lot into a saucepan with some water and cooked it for a couple of hours.


I left it over night, then I strained it and put it in the fridge, the next day I was able to remove most of the excess fat.

I made up a raft of minced chicken, carrot, leek, a splash of water and 3 egg whites.

blitz raft

I added this to the stock and stirred it to the boil, once it had boiled I let it simmer for 45 minutes, making sure to leave a hole in the raft.


after the stock had percolated up through the egg white raft..


I let it a cool for 10 minutes and careful removed the raft.

remove raft

I strained it once through an oil filter paper, I have a packet I got from when I worked and kept hold of them in case they came in handy..

Then I strained it 3 more times through coffee filter paper..

The result..


I put it into a wine glass just to see how clear it was..

It was beautiful, the clarity was amazing even if I say so myself.


It tasted of roast chicken, and Mr 5 really enjoyed it, I’m going to make an oxtail one and a vegetable one too.

My next challenge will be a mango consomme using the gelatin filtration method, something I’ve never done before so I’m looking for to trying that..