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It was a really rather simple but effective way to use up the lasagne sheets.

After I’d made my alternative lasagne last week I froze the rest of the pasta sheets, I decided to use them up last night before they began to deteriorate and get freezer burn, I didn’t want to make another lasagne, so after a little think and a rummage through the fridge, I came up with a sort of ‘Giant ravioli’ idea..

Giant ravioli.

I had a slice of chicken left over from a pack of sandwich meat and I took the baby spinach leaves out of a bag of mixed salad.

ravioli prep

I cut up the peppers,tomatoes and some onion and put it in the oven to soften up, then I blanched the lasagne sheets.

I heaped a little diced chicken, mozzarella and spinach on to a sheet of lasange, seasoned it and added a slice of cherry tomato.


Folded it over into a square, I made four.

fold over

Put them on top of the peppers

put on peppers

and then covered them with some more mozzarella and stuck them in the oven for 10 minutes.

add chz

When they were done..

rav 1

I heaped the peppers on top.


It was a really rather simple but effective way to use up the lasagne sheets..

giant ravioli

I added some grated Parmesan and fresh basil.

with topping

While I was at it I made a mixed fruit bread plait

fruit plait

I had also made some cupcakes to take up to the hospital the next day, it was Mr 5’s birthday and as he is unable to eat I thought the amazing nurses on his ward would appreciate them, unfortunately he was unable to enjoy his birthday and the visit from the dog I’d planned as he took a turn for the worse in the night and is now in HDU with a pulmonary edema, suffice to say he is responding well to treatment and should be back on track soon..