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because I drive a volvo and have short, spiky bleached hair I must be a lesbian, and therefore fair game to yell abuse at

I went to my Friends this weekend for 24 hours of respite, which was really relaxing and took my mind off of reality for a bit, the only trouble with going away is that you have to come back again, and unfortunately reality decided I’d had a break and was waiting to smack me in the face and give me a bit of a kicking when I got home just to remind me it hadn’t gone away.

Before I went I made Mr 5 a really nice oxtail consomme, using the same method as the chicken one, which I was going to take up for him, unsurprisingly over the weekend things went tits up, he became incredible poorly again and among other things his hickman line became infected which meant they’d had to remove it, loathed to put it back in again they’ve decided to wait for a while and in the meantime he has been put on a liquid diet of Fresubin, which is a complete nutritional drink which means he isn’t allowed anything else, so my rather amazing oxtail consomme ended up in the freezer..

oxtail consomme2

Which was a shame because it was awesome..

While I was away the lovely KD made a rather delicious  Slimming world Moroccan lamb stew with cous cous, my very good friend Flossie is on a diet, it was really nice and just goes to show that diets don’t have to be boring rabbit food..

I made some spelt, rye and yoghurt soda bread which we had with it..

moroccan stew

On the way home I had a rather nasty experience with a very angry man at the QE2 bridge toll who took umbrage to me filtering into his lane, to cut a long story short, because I drive a volvo and have short, spiky bleached hair I must be a lesbian, and therefore fair game to yell abuse at and throw pound coins at, I should have got his number and reported him but I was so gob smacked I never thought to..

By the time I got in, and my friend had bought the dog back, who I thought would be pleased to see me, but clearly wasn’t, I got a perfunctory wag of the tail before he skulked off to his bed and ignored me until he thought he might get some sausage, heard from the hospital and my mum in law, I was tired, hungry and very stressed, so I made myself some comfort food..

Smashed potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausages and fried eggs..


I wish I could say I whipped it up in moments, but it actually seemed to take forever to make, but well worth it..

so despite the end of my weekend ending on a bit of a downer, I did have a great day off..

and just as an end note, I found out this morning he also has a broken hip, but I have to laugh because it’s all turned out totally absurd in the end..