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I am putting 5 kinds on hold for a few days, unfortunately Mr 5 took a turn for the worse at the weekend and is in the High Dependency unit critically ill, but now stable, with a rather hideous, as yet undiagnosed lung infection, on Monday it was touch and go whether he would survive, so when I’m not sitting with him, I’ve been wandering about in a daze and mostly eating hospital dinners or ready meals that don’t involve any thought or chewing..

But as this is a what I had for dinner blog, these are the few meals I’ve remembered to take pictures of..

Tesco chicken and Panchetta bake, hot and didn’t involve any thought at all.
Presentation- nil
How much I cared about that- nil

chix bake

Hospital chicken chassuer.

chix chassuer

and roast pork.

Not bad for £3.50.


I forgot to take a photo of the vegetable curry I had, and apart from a few cornflakes that’s about it for the last few day, hopefully Mr 5, being the stubborn Bastard he is will pull through, I’m not ready for him to die yet and 5 kinds will be back to normal soon..