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Despite wearing the cone of shame, he doesn’t look very shameful at all..

On Friday I had to take woofboy to the vet, he had a tiny cut on his paw which turned out to be rather nasty and involve a cyst too.
He needed a little operation on it, talk about letting the side down, so both my boys are poorly, except Parker’s treatment is going to cost a lot more than my husbands, which will be free thanks to the incredible NHS and it’s staff, fortunately we have him insured, the dog, not my husband..

So he can’t go for a walk, it’s too hot for him, he keeps crashing into stuff with the buster collar on and he is generally getting under my feet big time..

Despite wearing the cone of shame, he doesn't look very shameful..

Despite wearing the cone of shame, he doesn’t look very shameful..

I made this sometime the week before last, I got in from the hospital starving as usual and it was easy enough to make without much thought, I had a little bit of chicken left over from the night before’s dinner, which was just a piece of chicken I seasoned and chucked in the oven with some potatoes, nothing special, but it was food and it was hot..

seasoned chix

My mum used to make us this when we were kids and I made it a lot for a quick meal when I worked and as I hadn’t had it for ages it seemed like a good idea..

I cooked off some wholemeal fusilli and mixed it together with some chicken, mushrooms, Parmesan and an egg mix, I think it was 2 eggs and some creme fraiche.

chix and mush

Topped it with more cheese and prosciutto

cheese and prosciuto

and baked it in the oven for 20 minutes or so, I like my quite crunchy on the top so I leave a bit longer than necessary.

pasta bake

and I had it with some garlic bread..

I’d forgotten how much I like it, I suppose you can add just about anything to it.

with egg

I had the leftovers cold for breakfast.