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Sometimes I don’t bother to take prep photos of my dinners and these are a few of the ones I just made and took some end result pictures of..

Inside out cordon bleu:

This was a piece of chicken which  I’d flattened out,  coated in breadcrumbs, baked and topped with wilted spinach, smoked ham and gruyere.

It was really nice if I remember, I think I might make it again..

inside out cordon bleu

Lamb with lentils:

I thoroughly enjoyed this, spicy lamb, I think it was either filet or neck simply served with some spiced lentil, I slao home made bread rolls with it.

lamb with lentils

Veal with a creamy mushroom sauce, leeks and fries:


This was yummy, I love veal, it’s not easily available where I shop and so bloody expensive, I must see if I can get some more..

The ultimate in comfort food:

Mince  with bubble and squeak, possibly my most favourite comfort food dinner..

A simple mince in a rich beef gravy with mushrooms, perfect for a hang over..

with yorkies

BBQ pork ribs:

I cheated with this and used a Maggi ‘so juicy’ mix, but it did inspire me to make my own version



Roast poussin, stir fried noodles and veg with crispy sweet potato..

This didn’t take long to knock up, the poussin was already seasoned when I bought it.


spicy mince nachos:

Another quick and easy one, flour tortillas, baked in the oven for a bit smothered in a dry, spicy mince and topped with cheese that I melted, I often make this with a bag of corn chips instead.

nacho mince

Lamb and potato hash with feta cheese:

Very similar to the previous lamb dishes I’ve done before except I added feta cheese to the salad and some left over chick peas to the potato hash

lamb leftover