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This is the ultimate leftover dinner, there were even leftover leftovers..

I had a massive tidy up in the garden on Thursday afternoon and finally got my garden table and chairs out, bought a new umbrella and decided to make an effort and eat dinner out there, Now that I’m getting back into a routine I thought it high time I had some proper vegetables, so I made Christmas dinner, I’m not sure if it’s the stress of that last few weeks but I’ve had a ravenous appetite for days now, so I made tons of it..

xmas dinner

and had quite a few potatoes and veg left over..

This is the ultimate leftover dinner, there were even leftover leftovers..

Leftover leftovers:

left over prep

I decided to put bacon in it and keep the leftover turkey for sandwiches, I also added onion, peppers and some leftover 3 beans, that I’d used earlier in the week, I’ve yet to blog that meal..

I roasted the onion and chopped up the veggies.


added the peppers and bacon to the pan and cooked those too, then put the potatoes in..

cook onion

I took the bacon and onions out so they wouldn’t over cook, chucked in the veg and beans and baked the lot, I seasoned it with ground black pepper.

add beans

I reheated the parsnips separately so I could scatter them on the top.


and also reheated the leftover Yorkshires.


There was far more there than I expected, so I deliberately ate less in order to have more leftovers..


The next day, for lunch, I reheated the lot in a pan and added an egg..

fry egg

Chopped up the egg a bit..

add egg

and served it on a fried slice

fried bread



It was a brilliant way to use up leftover veg, tasted fantastic and would make a nice side or vegetarian dish if the bacon was omitted..
Next time, and I think there will be a next time, I shall save the leftover bread sauce and add that too.