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or diet lemonade which is what I used…makes it sparkly!

After much badgering at my friend Tracey, she finally humoured me and posted up a photo of her very first attempt at a Slimming world dessert on facebook…

After a bit more badgering she posted up the recipe and method so I could share it with you.

I’m really quite impressed with this, I think she has done a really good job of it, considering it was her first ever attempt at anything like this, so with out further ado..

Tracey’s Strawberry and Raspberry Slimming world terrine:


traceys pud

I’m quite tempted to have a go at this myself, it looks really delicious..

2 x 11.5g sachets raspberry sugar free jelly crystals
2 tspn powdered gelatine
350g fresh fruit (I used strawberries & raspberries)
225g fat free natural fromage frais
1 tspn vanilla essence

Place a large loaf tin in the freezer to chill. Dissolve jelly crystals in 150ml boiling water. Sprinkle in the gelatine and stir until dissolved. Top up with 425ml cold water (or diet lemonade which is what I used…makes it sparkly!)

Cover base of loaf tin with layer of fruit. Pour a quarter of the liquid jelly and place in freezer for 10 mins until set.

Combine the fromage frais and vanilla essence in a bowl and stir in half of the remaining liquid jelly. Pour this over the set jelly and place in freezer for another 30 or so minutes until set.

Arrange remaining fruit over the set fromage frais and pour over the rest of the liquid jelly.

Recipe says to refrigerate for 3 hours but I just put it in the freezer for another half an hour.

When ready to serve, fill a basin with hot water and dip the loaf tin in the water for a few seconds to loosen the mould….invert onto a board or platter.

Serves 4 apparently at 1 syn per portion…I reckon you can get 8 portions at 1/2 a syn each.