you can always tell how old someone is if they remember the summer of’76,

I was sitting under the cherry tree in my mums garden last week leafing through some food magazines when I came a cross a dish of chicken with red lentils and tomatoes and thought it looked really nice and despite the fact we are in the midst of a heatwave unlike anything since 1976, or so they say and everyone has been panic buying sun loungers and flip flops, you can always tell how old someone is if they remember the summer of ’76, I fancied something comforting and lentils always do the trick.

As I didn’t have many tomatoes I adapted it slightly..

Chicken and lentils with a pomegranate gremolata:

chix grem prep

I cooked some onions, peppers and the chicken in a pan

cook chix

added some lentils which I’d boiled first to speed up cooking time and cooked the lot up to absorb all the excess water,

add chix

I made a gremolata of chopped parsley, lemon zest and grated garlic.


Heaped some square roast potatoes on the top along with some cubes of roasted halloumi which I had left over.

blurry pots

covered the lot in the gremolata

add grem

and then sprinkled it with pomegranate, I’ve been buying a pomegranate lately because I just love the colour it gives everything..

chix gremolata

it was bloody lovely, looked fabby too.

with halloumi