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….and some wine.
Then I added some more wine.
and then a bit more just in case..

As I had half a packet of mince leftover from the Taquitos the night before and a ton of tagliatelle in the freezer from the time I made a carbonara, I decided on a meatball bake thing, I also some cheese sauce from the Chicken bake and some Halloumi from the sausage kebabs I had a while ago, which I have yet to post up..

So this is a real leftover dinner, but you’d never guess..

Meatball bake with tagliatelle:

meatball prep


I made up some meatballs with a little onion, garlic and oregano and put them in a dish with some passata and cheese sauce.


Then I added cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms and a few cubes of halloumi, a few leaves of spinach, a bit more cheese sauce and some wine.

add wine

Then I added some more wine.


and then a bit more just in case..

add more wine

I put it in the oven and baked it for about half an hour I think..


When it was done, I smothered it in Parmesan

with parm

and served it with the tagliatelle..

pasta bake

It was yummy, really was nice, and so was the wine..

with tag