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and 84p for 4 slices isn’t bad if you ask me.

Not only do I love fishcakes, I also love prosciutto, or Parma ham, if you’d rather call it that, but I prefer it cooked to raw, which is why you’ll find it a frequent ingredient in my dinner, it’s lovely with everything, especially when it’s crispy and it’s quite cheap too, so I always buy a few slices when I’m out shopping and 84p for 4 slices isn’t bad if you ask me.

As for the fishcakes, well you can see I’ve made a few variations over the year..

Tuna fishcakes
Thai Tuna fishcakes
Smoked Mackerel fishcakes
Smoked Haddock fishcakes
Haddock fishcakes Benedict

So this was

Seabass and prosciutto fishcakes:

seabass fishcake prep

I didn’t have any potatoes suitable for boiling and mashing, so I used a couple of spoonfuls of instant mash (eeek!!!)

I popped the bass in the microwave for about 15 seconds so I could flake it from the skin, then I mixed it up with the mash, a little frozen spinach and seasoning


I put a piece of Port Salut on top then wrapped them in proscuitto

wrap up

I baked them in the oven, adding another piece of Port Salut just before the end of cooking


and served them with some roast vegetables, as I had half the Chayote left over I decided to try it cooked..

chayote baked

It doesn’t improve the taste in my opinion, I’m glad I bought it, I’ll know not to buy it again..

seabass fishcakes

They were very nice indeed, I’m going to have to have a think of another kind of fishcake for the future..
Perhaps I’ll try salmon, although it isn’t one of my particularly favourite fish..