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I’ve called it this because the base was simple a slice of stale Polish bloomer I had left from the weekend..

I had my lunch at the hospital one day last week, I can’t remember what day it was, it’s all become a bit of a jumbled blur, suffice to say Mr 5 is doing really well and now it’s a case of waiting to see, he is responding well to the conservative treatment of his broken hips, although it’ll be a long road of physio ahead of him, they are also optimistic that they’ll be able to stop the ng feeding in a couple of weeks and should be able to eat again, hopefully he’ll be able to come home in another month or so..

it was a decent portion for 5 quid, quite a lot for lunch considering I usually only have a salad or sandwich and decided to go out on an epic scamper that afternoon to walk it off.

hosp beef

When I got home I realised I’d not actually thought about dinner, so there wasn’t really an awful lot to choose from, so I made

Paupers Pizza:

I’ve called it this because the base was simply a slice of stale Polish bloomer I had left from the weekend..

paupers pizza prep

I garlic buttered the bread and put it in the oven for a few minutes to brown, I didn’t want a soggy base..

cook bread

Next I added some slices of raf tomato and some roasted peppers, onion and mushrooms.

add toms

I topped that with basil, mozzarella and olives.

add chz

and, you’ve guessed it..

add prosciutto


I cooked it for a short while longer

bread pizza

and served it with some hash browns (handy for the freezer just in case.)


and some pepperslaw


It was really nice, not bad for a few bits of veggies on a slice of stale bread..

pizza platter

I had the other piece cold for lunch the next day..