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it was truly the most revolting meal I’ve ever eaten,

This was from last Saturday, I’ve taken ages to get round to it..
I went to the hospital and had lunch while I was there, it was truly the most revolting meal I’ve ever eaten, I’ve no idea what the mince was, could’ve been beef, or chicken or even quorn, but it was hideous so I thought I’d just eat the pasta, I’d already picked out the yucky looking bits of aubergine and courgette, even the pasta was rank, how is that possible, it’s pasta, very surprised because generally the hospital canteen food is very nice.

horrid pasta

I wish I’d have picked the vegetable chilli now, or had an extortionately priced sandwich in Costa coffee, suffice to say I ate hardly anything until it was dinner time, I decided to use up the consomme I’d made a month earlier and had put in the freezer..

I also decided to make some wontons with proper wonton pastry I’d got from the Nepalese store in town, I have made them before but with spring roll pastry.

Chicken noodle consomme and wontons:

woton soup prep

Firstly I mixed up some turkey mince with seasoning and some peppers and chilli.

turkey filling

and made them into kind of sort of wonton shapes..

make wantons

I decided to boil half and fry the other half

boiled and fried

Then I just reheated the consomme, added noodles and peppers and that was it..

noodles soup

It turned out rather well I thought..

noodle consomme

While I was at it I decided to make some turkey samosas.

I cooked off some potato, onion, cauliflower and curry powder, added the turkey and a little consomme to make a filling, then added some spinach

turkey mince for samosa

and using spring roll pastry formed them into samosas.

make samosas

Spring roll pastry is a right bastard to work with if you ask me, it takes ages separating when partially frozen and then dries out, now I know why I have a huge packet in the freezer, because I vow never to use it again..

I fried them off


I had one with the soup and the others I ate straight from the fridge over the next couple of days..