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it was turning out to be a bloody long winded method to get a bowl of soup..

What seems like ages ago I made some oxtail consomme, I used the same method I’d used for the chicken consomme, it went in the freezer and the other day I decided to use it up before I completely forgot it was in there.

That plan of action was to braise a piece of oxtail and then do something using the consomme, I wasn’t sure what but I braised it in water to make a start, then I put the cooked oxtail in the consomme along with half a small tin of chickpeas, then someone came round and stayed longer than I’d anticipated and I didn’t fancy making anything at 9pm, so I had a sandwich and put the oxtail in the fridge.

Then I went away for the weekend and it wasn’t until 2 days later I decided I should do something with it, it was turning out to be a bloody long winded method to get a bowl of soup..


It looked really unappetising when I emptied it back into my casserole, so took the meat off the bone, added a dessert spoon of tomato puree and thickened it up with a cornflour fecule..


I coated the leftover chick peas in oil and spices and baked them until they were crunchy.

chick peas

and I made some soda bread rolls using Spelt, rye, chapati flour and some oat bran, about 170g I think, added about 7g bicarb and bought it together with the remains of some yogurt and creme fraiche I had souring in the fridge, then I topped it up with some whey left over from the ricotta cheese I’d made.

soda bread

it was really nice in the end, really deep oxtail flavour..


It took bleedin’ ages to finally make, but worth the faffing about..

soup and bread