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As a result I believe it was the dough recipe that I’d used previously that was rubbish and not me..

The last two doughs I’ve made have been rubbish, I don’t know why, probably too much of something, or not enough,they were hard to knead and just remained dense and tough and I was beginning to think I’d hit a brick wall with the whole bread thing, I decided I’d give it one more go with a different recipe just to make sure it wasn’t actually me that was rubbish.
On Monday I watched that Jamie Oliver thing on 4 and decided to have a go at his pan pizza, the recipe wanted 1kg flour and I only had 320g so I googled a recipe for 300g flour and found this one:

300g Strong white bread flour
7g yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp Olive oil
250 ml water

There was definitely too much water, the dough was more sticky that I’d have liked, next time I’ll reduce it more..
But it did knead fairly well and almost trebled in size after I left it for about 6 hours, I only left it that long because I was up the hospital, an hour and half would probably do .


So this is a pizza pie inspired by Jamie.

pan pizza pie prep

I halved the dough, stretched it into the pan I was using and painted the edges with a garlic oil.

garlic butter

I made my own tomato sauce base by simply blitzing up a little garlic, onion and a beef tomato and spreading it in the middle, then added chorizo and mushrooms.

add mush

then I topped that off with prosciutto, cheese and onion.

cheese top

I put it in the oven on about 200 and baked it until it looked done, about 40 minutes probably

pan pie

when it was done I took it out of the pan and just popped it back in the oven for a few minutes to ensure the base was done properly..

I served it with a sweetheart cabbage and pepper slaw.


It was gorgeous, the crust was awesome, next time I’ll make one with a stuffed crust if I can..

pan crust

As a result I believe it was the dough recipe that I’d used previously that was rubbish and not me..

cut pizza

I put the remainder of the dough in the fridge and last night I used up the rest of it with a chilli I made, I was going to do a Calzone, but I saw a Turkish pide picture on line and decided to do something a bit like that instead..

I stretched the dough right out..

stretch dough

Piled some chilli and cheese in the middle..

chilli and chz

folded up the edges, not neatly I’m afraid..

turn up

and baked it until it was brown.


That was equally nice and next time I’ll make an authentic Turkish filling to go in it..

half chilli