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and did another layer, this time remembering to add some cheese..

I hate the new Apple ios 7 update, particularly the new feature that means after taking about 10 pictures the battery is totally drained, not quite sure how that is meant to be an improvement, perhaps I’m missing something..
I also hate whatever they have done to photostream, After I updated my phone, I’m not updating my ipad yet, about 3 months worth of food photos I had deleted reappeared on my ipad and I just can’t seem to get rid of them..

On Monday I planned to go my mums for a mini break, so I needed to use up the second chicken breast from the two pack I’d bought for the Kiev, I’d planned pork shank for Sunday, which needed to go in the oven for ages and as Saturday was going to be an epic scamper afternoon I wanted something simple to make when I got in..

I thought about it as I was walking my 7 miles, I didn’t really have an awful lot in the fridge, but I had a vague idea of what I’d do when I got home..

Chicken tortilla bake

I had a bit of leftover cheese sauce, a few slightly wilting peppers and some corn tortilla I’d bought by mistake, they were meant to be flour.

chick totilla bake

I sauteed the chicken, onions and peppers in some chilli, cumin, ground coriander and spicy season all..

and then put it into a dish on a smearing of cheese sauce.

add chix peppers

on top of that I added refried beans, diced tomato and more cheese sauce.

add bnz

then I put a corn tortilla on top..

add tortilla

and did another layer, this time remembering to add some cheese..

remember chz

I ummed and arrhed, and decided to put another tortilla on top of the lot, seeing as I had two out and baked it..

in the meantime I sauted some potatoes off in the pan I’d cooked the chicken in..


When the top tortilla looked done, I added the remaining cheese sauce, grated cheese and some seasoning..


Then I just browned it off..

chix tortilla bake

It really tastey..


I couldn’t eat it all, so I had the other half cold for lunch the next day..

tortilla slice