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so before I had my first glass of wine I blanched it so I didn’t make a right pigs ear of it.

Friday was a crappy day and there was only one thing for it, Wine!!

I don’t drink red wine very much these days, it tends to go to my head and makes me rowdy, which is a bit daft when you’re alone, the dog just doesn’t understand sarcasm, so I stick with cider, but I just needed something that would stop me thinking and I knew there was a rather nice Crozes Hermitage in the cupboard..


When I drink red wine I like pasta with it,  and I like drinking wine while I’m making it, so it tends to be a bit slap dash but that never affects the taste or outcome..

Slap dash Lasagna bake:

I bought cheese sauce intentionally, the pasta was in the freezer and needed using before it got freezer burn, so before I had my first glass of wine I blanched it so I didn’t make a right pigs ear of it.

lasagne prep

I put all the herbs and seasoning into a pan, added diced onion, garlic puree and the mince

all in

I let that cook out and made garlic bread with a ciabatta roll I also bought for that intention, then I had some wine.. When the mince was brown I added the mushrooms.

add mush

and then the tomatoes..

add toms

cooked it all out, thickened it a little with gravy granules, forgot to add wine rather ironically

forgot wine

and then spooned it over a layer of cheese sauce in the dish..

sce meat

a little cheese, some ripped up lasagna 

lasagne sheet

Then I did two more layers, lasagna and cheese on top.

top with chz sce

I put it in the oven for about half an hour and had more wine.

Then it was done.

add basil

Chucked on a few basil leaves and had it with the garlic bread, oh and yes, wine..

garlic bread

I was gorgeous, as I had expected it to be, really yummy..


I ate about 3/4 of it..


Mr 5 doesn’t like pasta, but when he comes home he’ll be on a rather limiting low residue diet, so he might just have to start liking it..

lasagne pan

I drank about 3/4 of the wine too, then I had to go to bed..