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it also seems there are about a million different ways to make this dish, all claiming to be the authentic way,

On Thursday morning, before I knew I was going out, I got from the freezer, what I thought was a parcel of mince beef, there were three mystery mince parcels in there and I couldn’t remember what they were, but I was sure this was beef, it wasn’t, it was lamb, not that it mattered, I ended up having sausage, egg and chips.
Friday was naan pizza, so the lamb mince remained in the fridge until Saturday, because it wasn’t beef I had to have a rethink on what the hell I was going to do with it bearing in mind I still haven’t been shopping, so I had a look on one of those recipe generator sites, which generally tend to be a complete waste of time, fortunately this time it wasn’t and found a dish called Kibbee.

Not having a clue what Kibbee/kibbe/kibbeh was, take your pick on the spelling,  I did some searching and it turns out it’s a Middle Eastern dish of minced lamb and bulgur wheat, it also seems there are about a million different ways to make this dish, all claiming to be the authentic way, as I didn’t have any bulgur wheat I couldn’t make kibbeh, but I did have some cous cous, so this is

Not Lamb Kibbeh:

and because this is not Lamb Kubbi (spelling again!) it’s not been made authentically, it’s my interpretation..

kibbee prep

I blitzed up some green chilli, parsley, cinnamon, all spice and cumin in the food processor and then added some prepared cous cous and the lamb, until I had a dough like paste.

This I formed into two lamb patties.

lamb patties

I sandwiched the patties together with some fried onions and pine nuts

pine nuts

and then cut it into squares (ish)

cut up

which I put in the oven along with some peppers and onions.


When it was done, I served it on the roasted peppers..

roast peppers

add lamb

then I crumbled some feta cheese over the top..

with feta

Well, considering they weren’t Kibbeh, they looked vaguely like some of the ones I’d seen, I was rather pleased with them..


I’m sure that using cous cous didn’t actually make a lot of difference to the dish, my only criticism of myself, should have added more chilli to the mix at the start, apart from that, they were really delicious..