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and TA DAH!!
Unsalted butter..
I was well chuffed with that..

This morning I decided I hadn’t made bread in a while and set about making the enriched dough buns that I’d made previously for the turkey stack burger.

The battery in my scales is dead, so I had to use cups, I don’t like using cups I don’t think they are accurate enough, I was a bit dubious, the dough was quite sticky so I had to add more flour, I wasn’t sure if it would be too heavy or something, but when I got back from the hospital, after having a delicious chicken curry for lunch..

hosp curry

It had risen beautifully, about 4 hours in total..


I knocked it back, shaped it into rolls and left them to rise while I took the dog out, so that was about an hour and a half.


While they were baking I decided to make butter, I’ve never made it before, in fact it’d never even occurred to me until I saw a snippet of the Great British bake off and Mary Berry was making it, so I gave it a go, I overwhipped some double cream until it separated, poured off the buttermilk, which I saved, rinsed it under a cold tap, then wrung it out in cheese cloth..


and TA DAH!!
Unsalted butter..
I was well chuffed with that..

While I was at it I thought I’d make some lazy jam to go with it, that was just simmering until mushy, some blackberries, sugar and a splash of water..


Straining them to a coulis consistency


Then I used red quick jel to thicken it up, cheating, but quick..

quick jelly

The rolls turned out lovely.


So it was just a case of what to have with what..

bit of both

Quite a nice afternoon treat actually, I’d save a little cream once it had whipped up..


I’m so impressed with the butter I’m going to try my hand at a flavoured one next..