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It was absolutely gorgeous, I served it with some parsley, cider and parmesan sauce.

My mate introduced me to bitstrips, it’s ridiculously silly, sometimes quite rude and risque and several of us have been having a right laugh with it, this was one of the more postable results, some were just down right vulgar..lol


So the end of a strange dinner week and not much to write home about really.
On Monday night I had Baked breaded cod, courtesy of Marks and sparks, with potato rough, courtesy of Me, forgot to take a photo.

Tuesday I went up the hospital early, and decided on breakfast while I was there, I didn’t have a massive one, I’d already had a bowl of shredded wheat..

hospital breakfast


I went to visit my friend in the afternoon and knew I’d be home late, so I had a cottage pie, also courtesy of Marks and sparks, with mushy peas and yorkshire pud, by Tesco..

cottage pie

It was gorgeous, not only because I was starving and wanted hot shovelable food.

Wednesday I made an effort, I got leftover veg curry and cauliflower rice out of the freezer, made a little more sauce with some turkey gravy I had in the freezer, cooked off a couple of chicken wings, also found in the freezer, doused in sweet chilli sauce in a couple of jacket potatoes, and paratha..

jacket veg curry

That was so nice I’ve bought loads of veg for another vegetable curry.

Thursday night I wanted a proper comfort dinner so I made Christmas dinner.

xmas dinner

On Friday I cooked a gammon shank.


It was absolutely gorgeous, I served it with some parsley, cider and parmesan sauce.


Broad beans and mashed potato with leeks, it really was a delicous dinner.

mash and broad beans

and a really cheap joint, I think it was about £2.87, I confess I ate all the crispy skin..

gammon and mash