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hash cakes, which would’ve been a good name, as you well know is something completely different.. lol 😉

I keep meaning to make hash browns, there isn’t much difference between them and rösti, except the perhaps the name and the way the potato is shredded, As I wanted to use up the last of the gammon and parsley sauce for this dinner,  the sauce went in, therefore they are not quite a hash brown nor a potato cakes, so I’m calling them hash potatoes, hash cakes, which would’ve been a good name, but as you well know, is something completely different.. lol  😉

Hash potatoes and gammon ham:

hash brown prep

I peeled and par boiled the potatoes until I could push a bamboo skewer into them but not so they fell apart.
I briefly refreshed them so they weren’t too hot and cut them into uneven pieces.

chop potato

Then I mixed them up with some onion and the leftover sauce, which, because it was cold was quite thick..

add sauce

I shaped them with a pastry cutter..

shape cakes

and put them in a hot oven, I could’ve fried them, but this was less messy..

potato cakes

I served them with some mushrooms, onion, cherry tomatoesadd toms,mush,chz and cubes of halloumi..

and two fried egg..

ham and eggs

they were delicious, I made 6, so I have 3 leftover for another dinner…