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knowing that there wouldn’t be enough for the 3 of us I had a brainwave,

Bloody hell, what a day, my dog got hit by a car this morning, totally my fault for not paying attention, I got distracted for a moment and next thing I heard a donk and the squealing of brakes and realised it was woofboy..
Luckily and as it stands there doesn’t appear to be too much damage, I whisked him off to the vet who checked him out, he has a scuffed chin and his rear end is probably very bruised, nothing was broken, he’s going back tomorrow for further checks, but he’s currently doped up and feeling very sorry for himself..
I feel totally crap with myself, poor little sod..

On Thursday I got some mince out of the freezer, I wasn’t sure what to do with it until Mr 5 said Jeff, a friend of ours was dropping by and could he have dinner, knowing that there wouldn’t be enough for the 3 of us I had a brainwave, got a couple of sausages out of the freezer to make it stretch and came up with meatloaf burgers..

Meatloaf cheese burger:

meatloaf prep

I mixed the mince with the sausages, some onion, garlic, dried sage and oregano, made two flat patties and stuck some mozzarella on one half..

add chz

put the other one on top and made it into a loaf..


Wrapped it in bacon

wrap in bacon

and stuck it in the oven to bake, when it was done


I topped it with the remaining cheese and some tomatoes and stuck it back in the oven for a bit..

melt chz

I served it up with some homemade coleslaw and fries, a few roast onions and mushrooms, fortunately I had a couple of homemade buns in the freezer too..

meatloaf burger

It was absolutely delicious, Jeff was rather impressed which made me feel quite chuffed..