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I used vegetarian suet, beef suet in a pudding seems so very wrong..

When Mr 5 went into hospital all those months ago it was primarily for a TPN feed because he was suffering from malabsorption and malnourishment, unfortunately it all went tits up and he came out with two broken hips and a diagnosis for a rare disease, I’m convinced he is still malabsorbing despite a GNT feed while he was there because he eats, and eats, and eats some more, on Saturday night he ate two puddings and was still hungry, it’s insane!!
So on Sunday knowing I didn’t have anything else to give him after his dinner I decided to make something so he didn’t have to resort to coco pops..

So this is,

baked apples in suet pastry:

I made suet pastry because I knew it would fill him up, I used vegetarian suet, beef suet in a pudding seems so very wrong..

I soaked some raisins in Bundaberg rum, brown sugar and mixed spice while I made suet pastry, 3oz suet and 6oz plain flour with a little rum and water to bind..

apple suet prep

I cored the apples, I used little eating apples because that’s what I had, and stuck a bit of core back in the bottom to stop everything running out, then stuffed them with the raisins..

stuff apples

I wrapped them in the pastry..

wrap in pastry

brushed them with the leftover rum juice and put them in a dish, covered them in foil and baked them for about an hour..


Fortunately I had some custard powder, so he had something to go with it.
I didn’t fancy one myself, but he said it was really yummy..

with custard

I have one left in the fridge, maybe I’ll have half of that just to see what it was like..