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I also found a tin of Heinz cream of tomato soup, the use by date was May 2013,

I had a pre christmas shopping list writing cupboard clear out the other day, which involved going through the freezer and cupboards, finding stuff that needed using up before I go on an epic christmas food shop and buy a shitload of stuff I don’t need..

I discovered some tomatoes that I remember putting in the freezer back in July and a wedge of pain de Savoie, I also found a tin of Heinz cream of tomato soup, the use by date was May 2013, I’m amazed that I’ve had a tin of soup in the cupboard for two years for it to be out of date, I decided soup was the way to go..

This soup is technically a use up soup, but I think I can get away with calling it

Tuscan bread soup:

it has bread, tomatoes and herbs in it.

soup prep

I sweated off some onion, then added small diced veg and some bacon, chilli, garlic and herbs, I cut everything small because of cooking time, had I had all day I’d have kept it chunky..

cook veg

then I added the tomatoes..

add toms

and the soup, which I thinned down with some stock I also found in the freezer, it might have been chicken or possibly turkey, I have no idea, I left it to cook for a while and near the end chucked in some frozen broad beans.

cook out

I cut the bread up and baked it in the oven until it was all crunchy and lovely..

crisp bread

then I ladled the soup over the bread, added some crispy prosciutto, some parmesan and torn basil, it was gorgeous..

bread soupo

I really, really enjoyed that, it was just herby and spicy enough to take away that sweetness you get from tinned tomato soup..

bread soup

I’m going to make something along those lines again, It was really warming and comfort foody..