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It doesn’t look very appetising and mixing by hand isn’t for the feint hearted..

I knew I couldn’t refreeze the loin from last nights kiev dinner, and I didn’t fancy having pork loin again, nor was I going to tackle faggots, I decided to make a rough pork and liver terrine, which I’ve not made since technical college..

Pork and liver terrine:

This is my own recipe using quantities of meat that were available to me..

The prep picture is rubbish, when I did it the sun was coming through the kitchen window and the light was all wrong..

terrine prep

I diced the loin and pork belly and then blitzed in the food processor, it wasn’t as fine as it could have been, but i’d scraped it out by then and couldn’t be bothered to put in all back in, did some onion, garlic and thyme next, then the liver..

mixed the lot together with a splash of brandy and plenty of black pepper and salt..

It doesn’t look very appetising and mixing by hand isn’t for the feint hearted..


I put it in the fridge for a few hours and when I got back from an epic scamper, lined a loaf tin with bacon


then added the meat, which I pressed down quite firmly.

press down meat

Then I put it into a bain marie..

bain marie

and cooked it for an hour and a half on 150…

When it came out, I weighted it down while it cooled, just to squash it together a bit more..
Then I put it in the fridge overnight..


I had it for lunch with some homemade crusty bloomer


which I toasted because the dough didn’t rise and it was rather dense

with chutney

Mr 5 didn’t like it, I was amazed actually, normally he like this sort of thing, he said it was too vinegary, I said it can’t be, it’s just pork meat..
So who knows!!

with toast

nevertheless I thought it was delicious, I had it with some plum and red onion chutney..

on toast