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As I was thinking about what to do I thought a soup would be a more interesting idea.

I’ve been doing my blog for 18 months now, about a year into it I decided to personally challenge myself to do 365 different main meals, to see if it was possible to have something different for dinner every day of the year, within reason of course and I thought that as I was on post 318 I’d be about the same in main course, so I had a count up, I’m probably out by a few, not that it matters, but as it stands, I’ve surprisingly only done 230, the other 48 have been either, bread,cake,vegetable or something elses..

So I have a few to go and this soup, which are included in the main meals, because they practically are anyway is no 319..

I’ve never really fancied the idea of fish curry, but my mum says she makes one using some cod and a jar of sauce, so I thought I’d make my own to see if it tasted better than I imagined..

As I was thinking about what to do I thought a soup would be a more interesting idea.
So this is

Mild, fish curry soup:

I made some mini samosas in the afternoon to go with it..

make samosa

along with some homemade naan, this time I used a yeast dough from here, but halved it and used nigella seeds instead.

Mild fish curry soup:

fish curry prep

I decided not to use the creamed coconut in the end..

I roasted the panch phoran spices first, then ground them up and put them in a pan with grated turmeric, ginger, garlic and galangal, half a finely chopped onion some corriander, garam masala, cumin and a little cayenne..


Fried it all off in ghee then added some of the passata (bit blurry I’m afraid) and corn flour to make a paste

cook to a paste

to which I added water, some basmati rice and left it to simmer for half an hour


in the meantime I cooked the rolled out and rested naan.


Then I added the fish, which I kept whole, some more coriander and let it simmer for about 5 so the fish cooked and broke up.


I served it with the samosas, naan and some vegetable paratha I’d found in the freezer section of Tesco, I rarely venture there but I was specifically looking for plain paratha, which they didn’t have..


it tasted just how I thought fish curry soup would taste, just not better than, so it was a bit of an anti climax..
the homemade samosas and naan were lovely though, which can’t be said for the frozen vegetable parathas, but that’ll teach me for buying them in the first place..

Mr 5 really liked it, I think it would have been nicer as a chicken soup..

fish curry soup