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no matter what you call it, mince and mash is mince and mash,

I decided to use up some of the remaining offal I’d bought for the pork faggots which I’d parcelled up and put in the freezer, I didn’t just want to make another faggot like dish so this is as different as I could make it using the same ingredients..

On Tuesday I made a layered cottage/shepherds pie sort of thing, proper comfort food, which despite being something I dreamt about and had a really interesting bit about caramelised purple sugar beets, didn’t really justify a post of it’s own; no matter what you call it, mince and mash is mince and mash, having said that, because I’d layered the potato and mince it was more robust than normal and was really delicious;

mince and mash

I made double the amount of mash and saved half for this ..
Pork patties with leeks and potato cakes

pork prep

I whizzed up the offal and mixed it with the all ready minced pork, some seasoning, onion, lemon, thyme and black pepper, with a bit of flour just to take off the stickiness.

mix meat

Made two large patties out of it and four potato cakes, seasoned and a little onion mixed in.

patties and pots

Then I baked them in an oiled tray in the oven, when the potatoes were browned


I piled on some braised leeks


The pork pattie, some apple and onions

with mush

I served them with some garlic mushrooms I’d picked up in Mark’s while I was in there on Wednesday..

pork pattie

it was really delicious, the pork was really nice, with just a hint of lemon..

top with apple