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Dead lazy, no thought, but well yummy..

The trouble with trying to do so many different meals is that eventually one will resemble another in some way and this dinner is probably quite similar to something I’ve already made but I’m buggered if I’m looking through my previous posts to see if and what, I had half a turkey breast in the fridge left from a Faux Christmas dinner I did on Monday and it had to be used and I really couldn’t think of anything to do that was amazing, in fact I kept changing my mind even as I was preparing it so I just chucked everything in the one pan, and call it:

Lazy Turkey tortilla:

lazy turkey tortilla

I quite simply chucked everything into a roasting pan, seasoned it well and cooked it until it was done..

season and bake

Topped the turkey with prosciutto, tomatoes and mozzarella

mozz and tom

heaped the lot into some flour tortillas


and served it with chips..

lazy tortilla

Dead lazy, no thought, but well yummy..