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try them myself and see if I had any luck.
I didn’t,

I made this on Saturday, I had some pastry leftover from the tart tatin thing I made in the week that needed using up.

I also made some tea cakes. my mum had made them twice the week before and said they were rather disappointing because the dough didn’t rise, which is why she made them twice so I said I would take the recipe, try them myself and see if I had any luck.
I didn’t, the dough didn’t really double in size on the first rise, despite me giving it two hours and once shaped, even after half an hour they never really did much at all


I baked them, they were rather small and a bit dense but tasted very nice nevertheless, I shall try a totally different recipe next time and see if I fare any better..


If you are interested, this is the recipe


and method..

tea cake method

So after that flop I got on with dinner.

Chicken, bacon and spinach lattice bake:

chicken lattice bake

I pan fried the chicken to brown it and then left it to cool down, then sliced up some potatoes and layered them with dots of butter and a little oil, seasoned them and put them in the oven to bake..


I covered them in foil.

I made a cauliflower and halloumi bake which went in the oven too, I halved the chicken, poked a bit of Philadelphia cream cheese in each piece, stuck a little spinach on top and wrapped it in bacon, then placed it onto an oblong of pastry, one half I used one of those rollers that give a lattice pattern,

wrap in bacon

Folded it closed, milk washed it and stuck that in the oven too.

lattice bake

Half way through I uncovered the potatoes and tossed them a bit so they would brown..

buttered potatoes

and served the chicken up with the cauliflower bake

cauli bake

I really enjoyed that dinner, I think I ought to make an effort and make my own pastry next time though..

chicken lattice with cauli bake