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I just can’t imagine why anyone would put it on anything but hot dogs

I have always been a little bit reluctant with using tomato as a base for a sausage casserole because more often than not if one isn’t careful it can be a little bitter and sweet, like tomato ketchup, which I dislike, I just can’t imagine why anyone would put it on anything but hot dogs and then it needs loads of English mustard with it, so I decided that this sausage casserole would appreciate a taco flavour to avoid that.

Sausage and potato taco casserole:

I had some pastry left over from the pies I made at the weekend, which wasn’t much use for anything as it had dried out quite a bit, so I thought I’d make pastry twists to go with this.

sausage casserole prep

I cooked off the sausages, potatoes, mushrooms and some peppers.

pots and saus

Then I added a small can of refried beans and some of the salsa I’d made for the quorn tacos the other day that was left over.

add taco beans

added a small carton of passata and some water

add water

then stuck it in the oven to cook while I made the pastry twists, I just rolled out and folded some cooked pancetta and grated cheddar into the left over puff pastry

twist pastry

and baked it until done.

pastry twists

They went perfectly with the casserole, which was lovely and warming, not overly spicy or hot, just yummy..


All in all, a perfect dinner.

casserole with pastry twists

I made a Victoria sandwich in the afternoon, (8oz sugar,fat,flour and 4 eggs) Friday was our 9th Wedding anniversary

victoria sponge

So we decided to get a takeaway from a really lovely restaurant in town, we had a Schezwan feast

hee's feast

Unfortunately it wasn’t until I was tidying away I realised that we didn’t have any crispy duck, which I then found among the debris of cartons afterwards.

I saved it and we had stir fried leftovers the following evening..

stir fry leftovers