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I think it looks rather impressive, considering it didn’t take any effort.

While I was assembling the top of my chicken filo pie the other day and wondering what else I could make with the rest of the pastry  I had a flash of inspiration and just knew that prosciutto would layer perfectly with it, whenever I think of something completely new to make  I have a quick google image to see if it’s been done before, and as an aside, this is what I got when I imaged googled filo pizza, lol..

Nice bum..


and Yes, on the whole it has been, so I try to make it as different as possible, I don’t think there is anything like this out there, so I’m quite pleased with it and not only that, it looked brilliant, even if I say so myself..

so this is it..

Filo pastry pizza pie:

filo pizza prep

I put two layers of pastry into a loose bottomed flan dish so it would be easier to remove at the end.
Scattered on some mushroom, tomato, onion, peppers and basil.


added some mozzarella

add mozz

and then scrunch up layers of filo, prosciutto and more cheese, scattered some basil and cherry tomatoes over it.


and sprayed it with one cal olive oil, I baked it in the oven until it was brown

piza pie

I think it looks rather impressive, considering it didn’t take any effort.

I served it with some pepperslaw, a few fries and garlic bread.


it was really nice, I have half a packet of filo left over which I’ve frozen, so I’ll be thinking of some other new things to do with it….


I also made some scones, I used Paul Hollywoods recipe again because I love the method and texture.