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if I go to a restaurant I expect someone to come to my table and take my order,

I’ve never been in a Nandos,  well actually we did once, but when I discovered we had to queue up to order our food, I looked at the packed food area bit, looked at Mr 5 in his wheelchair and we both went ‘nah!!’ not worth the hassle, besides, if I go to a restaurant I expect someone to come to my table and take my order, so I’ve never had an authentic Nandos peri peri meal and have no idea what one is meant to look or taste like but I did buy a sachet of Nandos spices and made my own, I’ve subsequently discovered that you can phone them, place an order and then go and collect it, which I might suggest to Mr 5 for our final take away of Feb ’14.

February 2014 seems to have become takeaway month, it’s not something we do often but it has happened,  there was the Hees  Schezwan feast for our Wedding anniversary, the rather disappointing KFC and the delicious Indian we had Sunday evening just gone


We ordered far too much, but it was gorgeous.

Anyway, this is

Lime and Greek basil piri piri chicken with flat bread:

I made a maneesh dough in the morning and left it to rise all day..

At the same time I rubbed some Nandos piri piri rub into some chicken, squished over a lime, and some greek basil.

chix prep

Put it into a roasting bag with a splash of oil and water and left it to marinade for the afternoon, then I roasted it on low, in the bag for about 2 hours, then I took it out of the bag and crispened it up along with some potato wedges.

brown chicken

I gathered together some left over salad stuff and made a pepperslaw


an avocado,tomato salad


Baked some flat breads


and served it all up with the crisped chicken


it was delicious, little bit dry, but that was my own fault for having the oven up too high at the end, but apart from that..

with everything

I thoroughly enjoyed that, and there was chicken left over for two lunches..

piri piri chicken

Whether or not it is what you’d get at Nandos, i have no idea, next time, I’m going to do it with more of a sauce..