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figuring out that it’s a good idea to wring out the defrosted spinach first..

Not sure what happened here, I seem to have lost the prep photos for this dinner, not that it matters to anyone but me, it just upsets my OCD that’s all..
I’m sure icloud photos is designed to test my patience to the limit, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes I delete photos and they stay deleted, other times they reappear after about 3 weeks of not being there, sometimes they are on the my iphone and ipad but not my PC, and sometimes they are on the macbook but not the pc or iphone, all very complicated, I’ve only just figured out itunes and now I have to suss this out too..

I bought a piece of turkey on Monday, I cut 4 slices from it for this meal and the rest I saved for Christmas dinner the next day..

I decided to call this turkey pizza because despite the lack of a dough base it has a pizza type topping, so why ever not.
I had some mash left over and decided to make spinach croquette potatoes to go with it, quite simple to make, I put a little bit of spinach onto some mashed potato, figuring out that it’s a good idea to wring out the defrosted spinach first..


and then flour, egg and breadcrumb.

bread potato

I put them in the oven just at the same time as the turkey


Doughless turkey pizza:

I seasoned the turkey with some herbs and char grill chicken seasoning.


Cooked them in the oven

cook turkey

Then topped them with a pizza topping.


and cooked them to melt the cheese..


they were delicious, I served them with some green an broad beans

turkey pizza

I might do a steak one next time.

with croquettes

The potatoes were yummy too.