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first time I saw it written down I thought it was pronounced falla fell, which just goes to show my ignorance

I popped into Morrisons the other day, I’m loathed to admit they have a better fish counter than Tesco, but they do.
I bought some mussels and tiger prawns because Mr 5 enjoyed the Frito Misto last week so much he asked if we could have something similar again, while I was there I picked up a box of Lebanese falafel mix, I’ve never seen it before, I didn’t know they did it, to be honest I didn’t even know what falafel was until a couple of years ago, I’d heard of them but hadn’t had one until my sister gave me some, first time I saw it written down I thought it was pronounced falla fell, which just goes to show my ignorance, anyway it’s good job really because I forgot to buy white wine and only remembered half an hour before dinner time and moules mariniere aren’t much good with out the mariniere bit, so I needed something else, fortunately I had a little parcel of turkey mince in the freezer and the remaining pizza dough from the night before, I decided on

Turkey Falafel:

Which actually turned out to be a very tasty but simple dinner

falafel prep

I made the falafel mix according to the instruction and then added the turkey mince, shaped them into balls..


and baked them in the oven


I made a couple of flatbreads


a feta cheese salad and a warm, new potato salad.

pot salad

I bought some tahini, I’ve not had that before either, I didn’t think much of it to be honest, it had slightly weird taste, which surprised me because it’s just sesame seeds, I’m glad I didn’t smother it in the stuff.


but they were lovely.

in bread

I was rather surprised actually.

falafel half

I saved the leftovers and had them as a salad for lunch the next day

The seafood, once I’d bought a bottle of wine, was gorgeous, a bit of a faff because mussles always are, but worth the effort..


The tiger prawns were huge, in fact one each would have been sufficient.

tiger prawns

I cooked them in garlic butter..


and the mussels were delicious too


I really ought to make a paella too, I know Mr 5 really likes them..