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As I was assembling it, it was obvious that no matter what, it was never going to look pretty,

I’ve never had a chilli dog, I was watching ‘secret eaters’ on CH4 the other evening, you know the one, where people can’t understand why they are fat, despite claiming to eat healthy regular meals, after a week of programme surveillance it turns out they are shoving so many takeaways, chocolate and booze down their throats they arent even aware they are doing it anymore and are evidently too thick to realize that unless they burn off the calories they consume it is going to turn into fat, but I digress, so I’ll get off my soap box and say that one of the women on the programme made up a hot dog, well actually she made two, she also used a tin of ready made beef chilli.
Processed meat on your processed meat!!! yeah, why ever not.
No wonder she was putting on a stone every couple of months..

So that was my inspiration, except I made a vegetarian chilli and my own dog rolls, I’m not claiming this is a particularly healthy meal, I used frozen French fries, but it had to be better than the example in the programme.

As I was assembling it, it was obvious that no matter what, it was never going to look pretty, hence the rough and ready description..

Rough and ready chilli dogs:

I made the dough in the morning so it had plenty of time to rise, using the recipe I normally use for burger buns.

I took the boy out in the afternoon and managed to track down some bluebells..


I don’t know much about hot dogs, we rarely have them, so I just bought the first ones I saw in the processed hot dog section..

chilli dog prep

I made a chilli using peppers and onions, some seasoning..


half a tin of taco beans and some chopped tomatoes.

toms and beans

Smothered it on the hot dog

bean chilli

and covered it in cheese.

with cheese

It was very nice, not something I would make often, but it has given me an idea for a sausage chilli.