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let it all bake and bubble down before adding some grated cheddar and red Leicester

I sorting Mr 5 out on Sunday morning and was in and out of the living room while Sunday Brunch was on in the background, I was trying to watch it, I think the pair of them make a great team and work well together, I always think an ‘adult’ version where they could say what they really wanted to would be dead funny, the very lovely Simon Rimmer was making meatballs with a spicy sauce and I vaguely recall thinking that was a good idea and I could use up a small parcel of minced pork, left over from the faggots I’d made, I also had a small amount of turkey mince, so that was pretty much dinner sorted..

I’ve made numerous meatball dishes since starting my blog.

Beef taco ones,  Lamb ones stuffed with feta cheese,  some stuffed with mozzarella, some for a Caesar salad  and some mixed with falafel and I’ve also made a meatball bake once before, and probably more if I could think of them,  so this is nothing new, it’s just a bit different and really gorgeous..

Spicy bean and meatball bake:

meat bean balll prep

I also had half a tin of spicy beans left over from lamb pittadas, I stuck them in the freezer for future use and this seemed like a good way to use them up.

Into an oiled dish I put diced onion, peppers and some season all

peppers and onions

which I baked while I was making up the meatballs

add meatballs

I put the meatballs on top, nothing fancy, just the mince combined with some seasoning and chilli flakes, then put them in the oven to start them cooking..

mix peppers

I mixed them together with the peppers and then added the beans, some passata and some cherry tomatoes

add beans and toms

let it all bake and bubble down before adding some grated cheddar and red Leicester

melt cheese

I served them with rice and a cheese roll I’d grabbed while in Lidl buying doughnuts (eek!!)

with cheese bread

absolutely delicious

cheese meatballs

and cheap and cheerful to boot.

yummy meatballs