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the cornflakes were a brilliant idea, who thinks this stuff up?

Neither of these dishes warrant a who post to themselves, mostly because they aren’t particularly original and also because the pictures were naff..

The first chicken dish was Fajita kebabs which I made a few days ago, my mind totally went a blank when dinner time came round, so this is a bit of a cop out..

Fajita kebabs:

fajita kebab prep

I simply threaded the chicken and peppers onto skewers and seasoned them..

thread skewers

I cooked them along with some potato wedges

cheese bacon wedges

all was going swimmingly until I stupidly picked up a red hot skewer and burnt the palm of my hand, after that the presentation went out the window, as you can see

cook kebab

I dumped them onto a plate with a pitta bread and some guacamole, while trying to cool my hand down under the tap We had them with a pitta bread and some guacamole and salsa

off kebab

The second dish was really inspired by a combination of several things, a variation on the unfried chicken, my chicken Katsu dish, this was dinners Chicken katsu dish using cornflakes and a recipe I saw in the Asda magazine a while ago for cornflake katsu, which was the first time I’d ever heard of it.

Cornflake chicken:

cornflake chicken prep

I seasoned some cream with herbs and spicy season all, left over from the Alfredo dish, coated the chicken well and covered it in a combination of crushed cornflakes, a few breadcrumbs I found and some seasoned flour mix

coat in cornflakes

I baked it in a hot oven on a oiled preheated tray


I made a braised rice to go with it..


It was lovely, really yummy..


the cornflakes were a brilliant idea, who thinks this stuff up?

chix katsu