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I’d had just enough wine to not actually care that they didn’t look totally awesome, Fortunately, they tasted it, the middle just oozed out and was like silk..

Friday was my birthday, I was 45, not really a milestone more of a reminder that fifty is just as far away as 40 was..
We decided not to go out and paint the town red, well that and we didn’t think we’d fit a hospital bed in Cafe Rouge, so I went there with my sister this morning for breakfast, as a consolation prize for Mr 5, despite it not being his birthday I said I’d make a nice dinner..

My Birthday dinner:
I decided on..

Green lipped mussels with garlic butter

A lovely Duck salad

Melt in the middle chocolate pudding

The mussels were pretty self explanatory, I baked them from frozen in a garlic butter, parsley, red onion and white wine foil tent for 10 minutes, then uncovered for about 5.


The duck, I marinaded in hoi sin sauce, pan fried it, sliced it up and put it in on cucumber and spring onion salad with some noisette potatoes I found in Lidl while I was in there buy bread rolls and a splash of olive oil.
It was really lovely, hence the name, shame the photo doesn’t do it justice.

duck salad

and pudding….

A rather amazing looking melt in the middle chocolate pudding, the recipe I adapted from a Heston Blumenthal one, it was for 6 but I only wanted enough for two so I reduced the quantities and using icing sugar in place of caster sugar, mine didn’t turn out quite so amazing looking..

with tuile

oh and I made some tuile to go with them, fiddly, uncooperative little buggers, it took me ages to make these few, they were nice, but I’m not sure I’d bother with all that faffing about again..


The recipe for that was 50g icing sugar creamed with 50g soft butter, an egg white beaten in and then 50g corn flour sifted in, mix to a batter, chill for a bit and then attempt to make cigar russe and those twisty things which needed a template, a lot of patience, a wooden spoon and burnt fingers.

I made the frozen ganache center the day before.

50g Chocolate (I used half plain and half milk)
50g double cream
10g butter
20g water

Melt the chocolate and butter, add to it the simmered cream and water in three goes, stirring well, leave to cool to room temp, give one last stir and freeze, I left mine over night.


For the pudding..

16g plain flour
42g plain cooking chocolate 70%
38g butter
pinch salt
3g sugar
1 egg and the yolk from the tuile biscuits

Melt the chocolate and butter, let it cool down and carefully mix it into the sifted flour and salt, whisk the egg and sugar until at the ribbon stage, then fold a third of the mix into the chocolate carefully and then add the rest.

Put a ganache cube into a ramekin, I used a cappuccino cup dusted with cocoa powder, which was a mistake because they were too big and it just looked lost.

add ganache

It said cover it with the chocolate mix

add mix

and put in the freezer for an hour, I forgot mine was in there so it was there for 3.. ooops..

When I remembered I took it out and left it on the side for a bit, I cooked them on 180 for about 12 minutes, too be honest, I’d had just enough wine to not actually care that they didn’t look totally awesome..

Fortunately, they tasted it, the middle just oozed out and was like silk..

melting middle

Then I poured cream over it, just to make it even more indulgent.

with cream

I have some ganache cubes in the freezer still so I’m going to see it’s possible to put one in a chocolate souffle..