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it was the tastiest lamb sandwich I’ve ever eaten,

This was delicious, I wanted to make something different with the lamb but I think I’ve started to run out of ideas, I knew I wanted it to be spicy and I knew I wanted to use up some of the noisette potatoes in the freezer, when I was shopping I saw the naan bread and thought, hmmmm..

Moroccan lamb naanwich

it was dead simple, it was all in the assembly..

lamb naanwich prep

I coated the lamb in a mixture of ras el hanout and harissa paste and some mint sauce and put it on a bed of peppers to roast

season lamb

half way through cooking I added the noisette potatoes.

I made a little salad to go with it..


when it was almost done I added a slice of haloumi cheese, then was simple a case of assembly.

I put the lamb on half a warm naan bread.


piled on the peppers and onions


then the cheese


and topped it off with the remaining naan.

nan top copy

scattered over some pomegranate, pistachios and chana dal

lamb in naan

and it was the tastiest lamb sandwich I’ve ever eaten, Mr 5 really liked it too.

add top

Probably similar to several of the Moroccan lamb dishes I’ve done, but putting it in naan turned it into something a little bit different.

lamb in naan