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Not only did it taste lovely, it looked gorgeous too..

Been a bit rubbish with the whole blogging thing lately, keep meaning to get my finger out and then a new project to focus on comes along, this time it’s photography, which is a bit ironic really, but until I’ve got it sussed I shan’t be practising on my food pictures, Mr 5 gave me his old Nikon D80 and I’ve been trying to understand all the settings and god only knows what, after about an hour or so I get a headache and everything goes to pot..
I made this last week, it was absolutely gorgeous, we both thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s my take on what a chilli would be like if it were Moroccan spiced rather than Tex Mex and this what I came up with, I served it with cous cous instead of rice…

Moroccan chicken chilli

moroccan chilli prep

I marinated the chicken in ras el hanout and Harissa paste for 10 minutes because I didn’t know I was going to make this, that length of time was fine..

I cooked off the onions, then peppers in some Moroccan seasoning and then added the chicken

add chicken

cooked it to seal the chicken and then added half a small tin of tinned tomatoes and half a tin of spicy mixed beans, let it cook with the lid on for 20 minutes, took the lid of to allow it to reduce down and thicken up the sauce..

add toms and beans

I made a cous cous

cous cous

and served it with the chicken chilli

chilli and cous cous

I had some Ryvita thins which I thought would make a change from corn chips for dipping


and topped it with some remaining diced, baked halloumi from the lamb naanwich, some pomegranate, channa dahl and grated emmental

yummy topping

Not only did it taste lovely, it looked gorgeous too..