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topped it with all the crunchy left over bits of breadcrumb

I stole this from Jamie Oliver who had a new series start last Monday, as ever I adapted the recipe to what I had on hand, I used green lipped mussels because that’s what was in the freezer, I also used on the remain tomato sauce that I’d used in the al Forno dish from a few weeks ago, I found it in the freezer along with half a tin of chopped tomatoes…

I was really rather impressed, not something I would have thought of to be honest, so this is my adaptation of Jamies

Mussel gratin with tomato soup

mussels and soup prep

I made the soup first so it was simmering while I got on with the mussels, I sweated off some carrot and leek and then added all the squishy left over tomatoes in the fridge.


cooked them down and then put in the tinned tomatoes and tomato sauce.

tinned toms

topped it up with water and a veg stock cube and let it simmer for 20 minutes

add tomato sauce etc

I made a breadcrumb topping for the mussels by blitzing some old baguette, parsley, garlic, lemon juice, seasoning and parmesan in the food processor and topped the mussels with that, some finely diced red onion and dotted some butter over the lot.

add topping

The soup had cooked down by then


so I pureed it and let it simmer some more while the mussels were baking.

puree soup

and that was pretty much it, I added some cream to the soup


topped it with all the crunchy left over bits of breadcrumb

crispy bits

and served it with the mussels and some remaining slices of baguette


it was really lovely, two things I’d never have thought of putting together in that way


and it didn’t really take all that long to make either.

soup and mussles