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It was bloody gorgeous, I thought mine looked better than the original to be honest

I got the idea for this pizza from a link a friend posted on facebook a while ago, I did bookmark it, but forgot I had until after I’d made made it, so it was quite interesting to compare the original recipe to my memorised one..

I decided that the dough should be a cold rise one which I’d make 24 hours in advance, apparently pizza dough benefits from a retarded rise.

I used 300g strong white bread flour, 10g salt, a glug of olive oil, because I forgot to scribble down the quantity when I jotted it down, 320 ml water (I think) and a 7g yeast satchet, then I put it in the fridge until the next afternoon, I took it out a couple of hours before I needed it, to let it get to room temperature.


Dough ball pizza:

pizza doughball prep

I prepped my ingredients first.

fillings prep

Then I cut the dough in half and put half back in the fridge for the following evening, I didn’t need as much as I’d made.
I used 2/3rds of the dough for savoury fillings, I just rolled it out, cut it into 9 and randomly put bits of this and that on each square


the remainder I used for garlic butter, then I stuck the balls together, I did two separate ones, sprayed a little rapeseed oil over the top.


Baked it in the oven for about 25 minutes on 180ºc after which I took it out and ‘basted’ it with the escaped garlic butter


then topped it off with all the bits I didn’t use and then put it back in the oven for 10 minutes..

more topping

I used a jar of tomato and herb pizza topping sauce, to which I added a few bits of pepper, tomatoes, basil and red wine for a dipping sauce, I could’ve made my own but I was feeling a bit lazy, I served it with a little salad and some coleslaw.



It was bloody gorgeous, I thought mine looked better than the original to be honest

pizza dough balls

yummy topping

That would be really nice with a savoury, spicy mince filling I reckon.

with dip