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As I had a piece of tikka marinaded chicken escalope left over in the freezer from the Tikka tostadas I made last week, some spicy beans I’d opened for the burgers and some peppers in the freezer, which I’d put in there by mistake a few months ago instead of the fridge, which needed using up I came up with this idea.

Tikka tagine

Technically it’s not a tagine but that doesn’t matter.

tikka tagine prep

I seared the chicken in oil and put it to one side, then fried off some chilli, cumin, curry powder, grated ginger, turmeric and galangal added some onion

add onion

and cooked it to a paste

cook spices

to that I added the beans, peppers and tomatoes and a little water


and cooked it down with a lid on for about half an hour

cook down

then I put back the chicken

seared chicken

and left it took for another 10 minutes, while I made a herb, apricot and pomegranate tabbouleh


Put the chicken on the cous cous

add meat

scattered over some chana dal and pomegranate

pomegranate and chana dal

topped it off with some yogurt and mint

naan bread

and served it with a naan bread.

tikka tagine with yogurt

and even if I say so myself, it was absolutely gorgeous.