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it was gorgeous, the meat fell apart, the photo doesn’t do it justice,

I’ve made several tagines style dishes since starting my blog, as I don’t have a tagine, technically they are just North African stews, whatever they are called, they have all been delicious and after taco seasoning and curry, this has to be up there with my favourite food.
So far I’ve come up with chicken tikka one, a vegetable one with cauliflower cous cous, a lamb meatball one and a bog standard lamb one and I’ve made tagine style dishes which arent really tagines like this ox cheek one, this pork jerk style one and this yummy spicy bean and meatball bake one.

So this one was no different, except I used a lamb shank and cooked it for about 4 hours..

I marinated it the day before in a mixture of ras el hanout, harissa paste, sumac, Moroccan seasoning, cumin and caraway sees, a dollop of lime pickle and some red wine.


Lamb shank tagine

I put the lamb shank into a casserole, covered it with water and cooked it in the oven on about 125ºc for 3 hours, then I took the bone out


added some peppers and the beans left over from the taco chicken drumstick risotto and a small carton of passata

add beans and peppers

stuck it back in the oven and let it cook out for another hour until the sauce had reduced down some more.

cook out

I served it on a cous cous and bulgar wheat tabbouleh

cou cous

it was gorgeous, the meat fell apart, the photo doesn’t do it justice, I have a new phone and I think I not letting it focus long enough, hence the slightly foggyness to some of my pics, but that’s just a minor annoyance..

lamb tagine