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This post is just a few thrown together meals I made over the last couple of weeks, now that summer, it seems is over, it’s been really grotty here this last few weeks I shall get back into the swing of things shortly.

The pasta was simple left over BBQ chicken based on this simple pasta dish I make whenever I fancy something really quick, I just added some of the bacon from the ribs Mr 5 had to it as well.

pasta dinner

Jerk lamb:

this was a simple one pan lamb dish, I threw everything into a roasting pan, sloshed some jerk marinade over it

add jerk sauce

and cooked it

cook lamb

added some halloumi, served it with some coucous.

lamb and cheese

with halloumi

and that was it.

The next dinner was just a case of making up a chilli using broadbeans because I didn’t have any kidney beans ..


and adding some potato noisettes I’d found in the back of the freezer that needed using up, more halloumi, damn that stuff is never ending.

add pots

and some avocado mash

with wraps