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I decided to cook a celebratory meal, get a nice bottle of wine and essentially eat ‘out’ in..

Last week for the first time in over a year since both his hips broke, Mr i stood up, we’d had the all clear from the orthopedic surgeon who said there shouldn’t be a problem with a little weigh bearing exercise to begin with and the physio girls were as keen as he was to see if he could do it, and he did, (Big f*cking YAY!! from me) obviously he didn’t just stand up, there was a lot more to it than that, we know he will never walk again, so those few moments supported upright was a pretty massive thing from our point of view, anyway I decided to cook a celebratory meal, get a nice bottle of wine and essentially eat ‘out’ in..

So this is my

Couldn’t go out to celebrate so had dinner in, dinner:

We started off with some prawn and cream cheese smoked salmon rollups.


with bread



the filling was a combination of cream cheese and chives, spring onion, red pepper, chopped prawns, chilli, lemon juice and seasoning, smeared onto some slices of smoked salmon.



which I rolled in cling film and chilled in the fridge.

roll up


I served it with some avocado buttered bread.




The main course was

Fillet steak on a Dijon mustard buttered croute  with mushrooms and onions.


with chips


I just simply mixed some Dijon mustard with some butter

add steak


and slowly cooked out some mushrooms and onions to serve on the top.


add onion

I served it with chunky chips, it was really delicious..

Pudding was

Limoncello tart au citron, with raspberries.


tart au citron

I cheated and bought some pastry cases, I couldn’t beothered to faff about and make pastry, but if i had I’d have used a sugar paste recipe..

The filling was one I adapted from a Mary Berry one, I whisked one egg together with some limoncello and half the juice of a lemon, 2oz sugar and a glug of cream, poured it into the pastry cases and baked on 170 ºc until set, then I chilled them..



To finish them off I added a little glace icing, popping candy and some spun sugar decoration..

tart au citron

It was a really nice dinner and I shall be making a concerted effort to do this sort of thing maybe once a month or so..

and the next morning, we had a full English champagne breakfast..