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So admittedly, they look a bit shit, but homemade nevertheless..

On Friday Mr 5 wasn’t feeling too good and didn’t want dinner, so I made this for myself, I already had pate and found the pastry while rummaging for the potato (bought from Lidl on a whim at the beginning of the week) in the freezer, the pastry was short crust left over from the pies I’d made a while ago, but haven’t blogged, so I’ve tacked them on the end, I just bought a small end piece of fillet steak while I was out getting the papers.

Fillet of beef en croute :

steak prep

I made a simple red wine and mushroom sauce up, and added some Dijon mustard to it, rolled out the pasty into a square and baked it, then smeared pate on it

en croute

topped it with the steak.

put on pastry

served it with the sauce.

red wine sauce

and the emmental rosti I bought out of Lidl, which weren’t too bad actually..

with rosti

Fairly quick and easy to make dinner..

I made these pies ages ago but didn’t really think they warranted a post of their own, I’d lost interest in making them to be honest, they weren’t going to be like this at all, in fact I am now determined to make them how they should have been made in the first place…

Thrown together beef and potato pie:

I’d cooked the beef skirt and potatoes off the day before, but the beef was a bit stringy because I’d not bothered to cut it up, I’d just put it in whole, which was about the time I knew these were going to be a bit naff, fortunately I had some foil pie dishes..

meat and potato

I threw some short crust pasty on top, brushed it with milk.


and baked them, don’t get me wrong, the flavour was lovely, the meat was just a bit stringy and despite it all looking dry, I seem to recall having extra gravy..


So admittedly, they look a bit shit, but homemade nevertheless..