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I re roasted the potatoes, chicken skin and stuffing.

I had to have a tooth out on Thursday, I couldn’t stand the pain anymore, that and it was becoming impossible to drink anything other than warm water, according to the after care leaflet it was recommended that I only eat soft foods for a day or two, which is why I made ‘poorly me’ vanilla cupcakes in the afternoon.


They didn’t turn out too bad actually, considering I’ve not baked in yonks..


I decided to make something soupy for dinner and had half a roast chicken in the fridge from Tuesdays dinner, which I’d just spatchcocked and roasted with plenty of seasoning, herbs and lemon and lime juice.

chicken roast

I had it with potatoes, stuffing and peppers, bread sauce of course and a couple of wraps…

chicken dinner

so this is

Roast chicken soup:

chick soup prep

I cut everything up and sweated it off.

sweat off

added some flour to make a roux, then some cream friache and a little water to make the sauce, as it was cooking out I re roasted the potatoes, chicken skin and stuffing.


then I put the chicken meat in and cooked it till it was hot, and put the crispy bits on top.

bits on top

I served it with slices of soft roll that I added a little red Leicester to and melted a bit.

with bread

It was very yummy, and surprisingly the extraction site wasnt at all painful when the numbness wore off and I am now able to drink cold cider to my hearts content..