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it looked rubbish but I fried it anyway, it didn’t turn out that bad..

I stole this idea from Jamie Olivers programme that’s on CH4 at the moment, it’s not really like his because I mostly used the tandoori spice mix I remembered I had in the cupboard and it’s not really a tandoori on account i don’t have a handy furnace in the garden but it was really tasty though, with a mild and coconutty flavour.

Lamb Tandoori:

tandoori lamb prep

I diced the lamb and coated it in a yogurt, lemon juice, oil and tandoori spice mix and left it to sit for 10 minutes while I got on with the sauce.

lamb yog

I fried off some onion until it was brown, then added some grated ginger, galangal and turmeric, some more tandoori spice, chilli and garam masala and garlic, oh and a few bits of diced pepper, cooked that out and then put in some diced tomatoes and a couple of leftover roast potatoes and a dollop of gravy from the previous nights dinner

pots, toms gravy

I cooked it a little bit and then added a sachetcreamed coconut of creamed coconut, some yogurt and a bit of water.

I put the lamb in the oven and made a paratha, which I cobbled together using some plain flour, rye flour and oil and then made into a dough with some milk, rolled it out, rolled it up, flattened it out and repeated, it looked rubbish but I fried it anyway, it didn’t turn out that bad..

When the lamb was done I stuck it into the sauce..

add lamb

added some more yogurt and mixed it all through..

I put the squished paratha on top of the rice as per Jamie.


Put the curry on top.


added a dollop of yogurt and lime pickle,

lime pickle

then some crushed mini popadums..

with pop

That was lovely, might well have one last BBQ and do some chicken on it for one..