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so I said yes and ended up only paying 91p for them, rather chuffed with myself there..

On Saturday I decided to make a nice dinner just for the hell of it, initially I was just going to make dessert but while I was in Morrisons buying passion fruit I saw some enormous tiger prawns on the fish counter and thought I’d get a couple along with 2 langoustine, we don’t eat mountains of food these days so a couple of prawns would be plenty..

I was quite jammy with that, the Langoustine were 91p for two and the tiger prawns £3.90, when I got to the till she put the langoustine through and then picked up the tiger prawns which he’d forgotten to label and asked if they were the same thing, the packages looked identical, so I said yes and ended up only paying 91p for them, rather chuffed with myself there..

I simply pan fried them in garlic butter with a little finely chopped onion..


For out main course I did a simple fillet steak with herb butter and Dijon mustard on the side, with chips and a salad.

steak and chips

Because I’m not fond of cheesecake, but like the idea I made up a biscuit base of crushed digestives mixed with melted butter and a dollop of golden syrup, pressed it into a crumpet ring and chilled it until it was set, then I topped it with a panna cotta mix, using the BBC recipe on this post panna cotta..

When it had set I spooned over a passion fruit jelly, which was just two passion fruit, deseeded, mixed with sugar, a splash of white wine and limoncello, heated up and sprinked with gelatine.

I was a bit dubious as to whether it would set properly, but it turned out beautifully.


I was rather pleased with the result considering I made it up as I went along..

Pork with thyme

I made this earlier last week, after all those taco/chilli/rice dishes I felt like I needed some vegetables, so I decided to do a simple pork loin with potatoes and veg..

pork thyme prep

I cooked some onions, mushroom and thyme with some Calvados


put them to one side and then browned the pork in the same pan and then added the mushroooms back

cook pork

and it was as simple as that, I served them with a sort of crispy cream potato thing, which look a bit crap so I didn’t bother with photos and huge pile of veg..

pork and thyme

Nothing fancy, but very tasty..